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Battle of Sedan & Panorama - immersion in the 19th century

Sensorama, Cinerama, widescreen, IMAX, etc. - extensions of traditional cinema:'Morton Helig' [] & 'Fred Waller' []

'Stan Vanderbeek' & Expanded Cinema Experiments. See the book Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood online []

'Timothy Leary' - immersion through other means (see various Youtube videos)

'Ivan Sutherland' - inventor or headmounted displayLink title

'Jaron Lanier' - data glove and use if the headmounted display in VR

'Dan Sandin & Tom Franti's CAVE' []

'Jeffrey Shaw' - multi user experience []

'Char Davies & Osmose' - single user VR []

'James Turrell' & 'Robert Irwin' - immersion 'light'

'Kurt Hentschlager' - Zee, the most contemporary example of immersion []


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