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Past workshops:

March 2018 (Eric's guest) David Gough - 360 cinema / humanitarian communications

April 2018 (Eric's guest) Willy LeMaitre Pt.1 - Unity as artistic tool / VR

16.10.2018 (Milos' guest) John Grzinich - sound image relations / sound art / public space


Upcoming workshops:

13. a 14. 12. 2018 (Ondřej Vavrečka's guest) Workshop Laurent Van Lancker: antropologie, film. (

  • 14. 12. 2018, 9.30h-12.00h: přednáška, místo: FAMU - U1

04-15.03.2019 (Sara's guest) (3 days) TBA Sound synthesis / Immersive audio


March/březen: Felix Blume TBC


Félix Blume (France, 1984) is a sound artist and sound engineer. He currently works and lives between Mexico and France. His work is focused on listening, it invites us to live sonic experiences that enable a different perception of the surrounding. He uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities, using public space as the context within which he explores and presents his works. He is interested in myths and their contemporary interpretation, in human dialogues both with inhabited natural and urban contexts, in what voices can tell beyond words.


15-30.03.2019 (Eric's guest) Willy LeMaitre Pt.2 - Cinema in Game Engines and VR

April 2019 (Eric's guests) 360 workflow experts x2 April (bear in mind GAMU's opening: April 2nd)

Michal Kindernay (proposals):

New Atlantis

workshop by Locus Sonus institute (VR, spatial sound, mapping)

VTOL / Dmitrij Morozov

intermedia, DIY, physical computing - workshop / presentation

Maximiliano Estudies spatial sound, VR, workshop

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