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What about 'sonification' - not covered below…

Think about the idea of abstraction in art in relation to data 'abstracted' and presented in the form of a visualization.

'Piet Mondrian's' Broadway Boogie Woogie

'Otto Neurath' - the father of infographics

'Excellent books on data visualization:'

* Edward Tufte - The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Here's a Tufte video

* William S. Cleveland - The Elements of Graphing Data, Visualizing Data

* Leland Wilkinson - The Grammar of Graphics a kind of systematic dictionary, with grammatical rules for data and graphics.

* Some 'artists/designers' working in the field:

'Mark Lombardi's' drawings are meticulous, researched, visualized relations. Here Ben Fry talks about his work:

* 'Martin Wattenberg' brought data visualization to the stock market and at the same time made interesting artworks in the late 1990's:

* 'Aaron Koblin', one of the more recent pioneers of the discipline. Technology leader of Google's Creative Labs in San Francisco, he spearheaded the search giant's Chrome Experiments series

* 'Jer Thorp' worked with the New York Times and now has his own company with Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, a journalist and artist respectively: The Office for Creative Research

* 'Ben Fry' developer of processing Fry co-created Processing with Casey Reas, an open-source programming language used by many of the designers. Fry also runs Phyllotaxis Lab, a data visualization studio connected to Seed Media Group.

* 'Jonathan Harris' an artist and interactive designer Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar 'I feel fine' - A classic Processing 1.0 [] visualization using social media sites to provide info on how the world is feeling: 'Inuit whale hunt' in 3,214 images, arranged in 20-minute segments. Harris uses elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art, and storytelling to create systems that explore and explain the human world:


* 'Eddie Elliott's video streamer' early 1990's intereactive, searchable visual representation of video archives. His product was never commercialized. MIT Master's thesis work.

* 'Googles open source tools for data visualization with examples: * Nice lists of 'recent visualization works': * 'Visualizing Cultures project at MIT, an Open Course class' available online for free —- * 'Good works:' * 'Brendan Dawes Cinema Redux' - uses 'Processing 1.0' to visualize each second in a film in a single image: * 'Alison's Unreal Art' - Game bots play Unreal tournament and make drawings based on game activity. Data translation of game activity to portraits: * 'Science on a Sphere - NASAs visualization's of the planet:

* 'Chris Jordan's Running the Numbers'. art visulaizations of objects quantified

* collaboration between dance company 'Pilobolus and Google' - word vizualized by dancers using extended browser possibilities.

* 'Japan Quake Map' Visualization using size, color, numbers to represent earthquake activity on a map.

nuclear tests 1945-98

* 'Michal Mocnak's suggestions' for interesting data visualization frameworks using java:

'Videos about data-visualization' (list) * 'David McCandless' Ted' talk on visualization: YT mirror:

* 'The Art of Data Visualization' | Off Book | PBS Featuring: Edward Tufte, Yale University / Julie Steele, O'Reilly Media / Josh Smith, Hyperakt / Jer Thorp, Office for Creative Research /

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