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Cybernetic, Informatics and Systems Theory

Logic (mathematic) and technology (mechanics)


* Economics

* Structuralism

* Russian formalism

* Math and Natural science

* Management of Complex Systems

* Mechanistic Utopias - politics

'The machine that changed the world', documentary


* Adam Curtis 'All watched over by Machines by Loving Grace' 07.10 The series argues that computers have failed to liberate humanity and instead have “distorted and simplified our view of the world around us”. The title is taken from the 1967 poem of the same name by Richard Brautigan.

Amy Rand, Californian ideology, (Loren Carpenter, Machines and Control)

* The story of how our modern scientific idea of nature, the self-regulating ecosystem, is actually a machine fantasy. It is based on cybernetic ideas that were projected on to nature in the 1950s by ambitious scientists. A static machine theory of order that sees humans, and everything else on the planet, as components – cogs – in a system.


computation machines

thumb|left|comp tree


* Genealogy of computation machine in czech partly

“The conflation of the looming finale to the milennium and the endless crescendo of technologies, anxieties, and excesses of the past decade (let alone the past century), has opened the floodgates of everything from calculated rumination to desperate illusion, from neo-utopian theology to rhizomatic universality. Surely the seductions of cyber-culture, the emerging electronic crisis of dispersion, disavowal, the disappearance of the public sphere, the disembodiment of the self, are already contained in a deeply regulated system in which consensus, representation, and politics are happily abandoned in favor of tele-presence and fallacies of ubiquity.” Tim Druckery

[ []

David Brin : The Radical Transparency: [] Youtube speech: [] []

počítac původně konstruován a koncipován jako: komputační nástroj - 'mechanický aritmetický nástroj' pomůcka pro usnadnění počítání - abakus - demografickou kontrolu.

v polovině 20. století koncipován jako 'univerzální stroj' (Alan Turing)

během druhé světové války jako 'komplexní zařízení' pro řešení úkolů, které překračují lidskou kapacitu.


* 'kybernetika'

thumb|left|cybernetic chart

po druhé světové válce exponenciální vývoj počítačů - analogový - digitální, “nástroj, který změnil svět” - operační systémy, paměť, interface, hardware, software, sítě, umělá inteligence, technosféra - Cloud computing


texts to read

* 'Edward Shanken': Art in the Information Age:Technology and Conceptual Art []

* 'Copper Giloth' and Lynn Pocock-Williams:A Selected Chronology of Computer Art: Exhibitions, Publications, and Technology []

* Vannevar Bush:As We May Think []

* [] The Interface Effect, Alexander R. Galloway

Genealogy of computation machine1st semester

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